A simple yet elegant accessory designed to protect your baking creation when a cover or cake box isn't available. Simply just insert around your item and wrap!

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Royal Blue and Gold


- Modern & Fun

- Stylish & Practical

-replaces the boring old cake box

- Available in Pink or White to match your creation!

- Prevents the cellophane from disrupting your
- Allows for coverage to protect against contamination or spoilage
- Available in either a flat top  or spherical top

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Special collection

Flat Top White Icing SaverFlat Top White Icing Saver
  • Step 1 - Make It!

    Tired of ruining your hard work on cake decorations while you travel to your destination? Don't have a box that fits?

  • Step 2 - Save It!

    Simply insert the icing saver in the top to create a protective barrier to cover without disrupting your decorations.

  • Step 3 - Cover it!

    Cover your creation using the icing savers as a shelf for the wrap to rest against.

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Icing Saver

Is a brand new product in the market that you can not find anywhere else, it helps you to save your baking creations.

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  • Vinecci, NJ

    Good Idea!

  • Marsha, KS

    Brilliant product. So simple, yet so effective, and cost efficient too!

  • Felicia, WV

    Smart Idea!